Reasons NOT to vote for John Edwards

John Edwards would be a bad President. This judgment is based on my personal assessment of his leadership abilities and his policies. There are many logical reasons not to vote for John Edwards which I will explore on this blog. I hope that you join me in this important discussion by posting comments and sending me your "reasons" at In order to maintain the integrity of an intellectual discussion, there are two rules that will govern all content on this blog: 1. personal attacks will not be tolerated and 2. every "reason" must be factual and must cite sources.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Reason #1 Bad Judgment

One cannot correct bad judgment post-facto--not even John Edwards. Despite his apology, the fact remains that John Edwards voted to authorize and support the war in Iraq ( John Edwards' apology is nothing more than an acknowledgment that he got it wrong, that he had bad judgment in the first place. There is no reason to believe that his judgment has improved since this historically catastrophic mistake.

Now that the war in Iraq is unpolular, John Edwards supports an immediate withdrawal of at least 40,000 US troops and the rest within a year and a half ( I believe that the kind of rushed bad judgment from John Edwards that got us into this mess is exactly the kind of judgment that we need to move away from. I fear that he will continue to cater to public opinion instead of making smart foreign policy decisions. John Edwards has shown that he has bad judgment, our troops and our nation can't afford any more bad judgment.


People's Ninja said...

Wow, this blog is incredible. I completely agree!

The TJK said...

I couldn't agree more with your point about the war. How could so many people forget he was at the forefront of rallying support for our misguided venture into Iraq? The American public needs to wake up to the fact that John Edwards is just another pandering politician who lacks the cunning and perspicacity necessary to save us from the mess in which we currently find ourselves.

Keep up the good work JR.

Miles said...

Thank you JR for providing this forum to discuss Mr Edwards' shortcomings. I agree with you in that this call to withdrawal would be another example of Edwards exercising poor judgement, but on the contrary, I don’t think it’s a strong enough argument to dissuade Edwards supporters (and I am most certainly not one). To site his initial support for the Iraq war does not necessarily demonstrate bad judgement, as I imagine you, along with many others (tjk) were initially in favor of these actions. While I agree with you that his plans to withdrawal troops now would be an act of poor judgement, it’s difficult to claim that his previous convictions about going to war expose any sort of trend in his leadership abilities.

The TJK said...


I won't even comment on your trite goading. But I suggest that before you butcher the English language again, you--at the very least--consult a dictionary.

Citing Edwards' blind support for the Iraq War absolutely shows bad judgment. It was an ill-conceived plan that managed to gain widespread support because of the lack of rational discussion surrounding the issue and because people wanted to satisfy a justified, but blinding lust for blood. Too many people, Edwards especially, were all too willing to let the majority opinion and emotion decide where they would stand on the issue. And while his decision to support the war might not illuminate his lack of leadership skills, it certainly exposes his most egregious flaw as a potential leader: his inability to stand alone and make tough decisions. And it's not just the fact that he supported the war, but moreso it was his immediate gung-ho attitude toward it that seemed shallow and placatory. We need a resolute leader who challenges convention and, dare I say, group-think in order to guide this country through our current malaise. John Edwards is not that person.

Urbanpink said...

Wow, I don't believe that anyone has perfect judgement. I don't believe that people must be completely defined by former mistakes (that's a Rovian tactic) and I hope that Americans shall always be allowed to transform and grow (and be believed).

Do you also have a blog for the candidate you support? I'd be interested in reading it. Or do you just have blogs for the candidates you want to fail?

I think John Edwards was like a lot of Americans when this campaign started--he believed the President. I wonder if you are equally condemning of the millions of others who had bad judgement about this. I never believed George Bush--but I'm a pinko liberal who hardly trusts anyone.

If not Edwards, an authentic, honest human being, then who?


John Rawls said...

Thank you for your posts. A few points: I think that we attacked Iraq because the likes of George Bush and John Edwards told the American people that Al Qaeda and Iraq were part of the same war. The entire world is now stuck to deal with the consequences of this lie/mistake.

If Edwards had honest intentions, he would have used his position in the Senate to keep the attention on Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin-Laden. Instead, he voted to pay for almost 300,000 troops to invade Iraq. Instead, he helped manipulate the strong emotions that resulted from 9/11 to justify an unrelated war. Evidently, Edwards was much more concerned about Iraq than Bin-Laden and the terrorists that attacked us.

I don't expect perfect judgment, I expect good judgment. I also expect the American people to hold their leaders accountable when they exercise bad judgment. Maybe he has learned from his mistakes, maybe he hasn't. Either way he certainly can't be trusted to run the free world.

Karen Grube said...

John Edwards is the only candidate I will support for President.

John Edwards is the kind of person we need in the White House. He is the only candidate who seems to put his own time and effort into what he believes. That is, his inspiring, thought-provoking words are reflected in both his actions and his tireless effort to see an end to this this idiotic war in Iraq and an end to poverty in America.

John Edwards is the only candidate I trust to bring this country back to the position of respect and confidence it once held in the world. That is, other countries once turned to us for help and guidance rather than reviling us as their enemy. I firmly believe that John Edwards will lead us back into that position of world leadership. We need him there to help gather the worlds efforts toward ending global warming, ending poverty, and ending the shameful sectarian violence taking place in other countries.

In short, we need John Edwards as our next President.

DrFrankLives said...

I'm still waiting for a logical reason. You promised them.

Anonymous said...

Edwards is not my first choice, in no small part due to his foolish misjudgement. I wanted Russ Feingold, but he decided not to run most likely because of his marital difficulties.

Barack Obama's judgement was much better as concerns the invasion of Iraq, but beyond Obama are there any candidates in the Democratic primary who weren't foolishly hawkish? Hillary Clinton doesn't even regret supporting the war.

So do you support Obama for 2008 (as I do)? Or did I miss an anti-war candidate?

e.ross said...

Yes--his vote for Iraq was bad judgment, but the fact is we are hardpressed to find another Dem running who did not have such bad judgment as well (except Kucinich--who rocks at life, mainly because he's a leprechaun--but we all know he won't get the nod). Obama says he wouldn't have voted for the war, but we don't know if that is true. Same goes for Richardson, etc. So, if you are 100% passionate on this point and will not accept a candidate who voted for the war, well you have a long grassroots campaign ahead of you to get Kucinich on the ticket (unless of course you are a republican and can vote for ron paul). It is unfortunate, but the best we can do is hope all Democrats learned from their collective mistake of acquiescing to the war, and that includes John Edwards.

John Rawls said...

Sorry e.ross, but your facts are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Boy, it must be nice to be 100% right all the time. If you think John Edwards was so bad for voting for this stupid war, then I guess you need to condemn a large majority of Congressmen and Senators who also voted for it after they had been fed all the lies and suspicions the Bush administration fed to all of us. At least John Edwards has the gumption to run for office against the ones who started the war.

Anonymous said...

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