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John Edwards would be a bad President. This judgment is based on my personal assessment of his leadership abilities and his policies. There are many logical reasons not to vote for John Edwards which I will explore on this blog. I hope that you join me in this important discussion by posting comments and sending me your "reasons" at In order to maintain the integrity of an intellectual discussion, there are two rules that will govern all content on this blog: 1. personal attacks will not be tolerated and 2. every "reason" must be factual and must cite sources.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reason #4 No Credibility on Poverty

First it was $400 dollar haircuts and now we find out that John Edwards charged college students at UC Davis $55,000 to give a speech about poverty. These blunders can't be blamed on other people. John Edwards is responsible for who cuts his hair and how much he charges to give speeches because these are personal decisions, not campaign decisions. This is becoming a trend for John Edwards. He seems to be telling America to "do as I say, not as I do." He has no credibility on one his biggest campaign issues: poverty and the existence of "two Americas."

John Edwards is proof that there actually are two Americas. There is one America for people that get paid $55,000 for one speech and can afford $400 haircuts. The other America is for the rest of us.


Urbanpink said...

Why should a famous American give up or discount his speaking fee (income)? Are you advocating socialism?

John Rawls said...

Because this famous American is running for President claiming that he has the credibility to deal with poverty. By now, it should be clear to anybody that is paying attention that he does not.

Urbanpink said...

That is not a logical argument in the least. At best, it is an emotional, childish gripe. What other candidate for President has tried to do more for people in poverty in the last few years? Edwards has used his advocacy, intellect and investments to help poor working people. Do you even find poverty in America a compelling issue?

John Rawls said...

What other candidate? Here we go: Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich, and the rest of candidates that are still in Congress doing things for people instead of running around the country campaigning full-time.

Anonymous said...

It was a $300 haircut (not $400), and he probably had a die job to cover grey. Oh, and I can't really imagine him walking into a salon and having that done. He probably had to have someone come to his house. That is what comes with fame: expensive haircuts.
As for his $55,000 charge to the university for a speech: how much do you think Hilary Clinton charges for that? How about Bill? Try $500,000!
It is a legitimate way to make money to support his campaign. Incase you didn't notice, he is running for president and has to raise money. How else should he do it? Like the republicans? behind the back donations in the millions from big oil and energy companies? Why don't you check out His solutions for global warming and the energy crisis were by far the best. The members were asked to vote, and of 100,000 member responses, 33.10% liked his solutions the best out of any other candidates!

WillofDurham said...

Edwards grew up poor and became rich because he is talented and a winner.

He is the Anti-Bush. That's why people like him.

Like me, Edwards was misled into supporting the Iraq War. Like me, he is not going to fall for lies from the Bush Administration any more.
I have not decided which Democrat I'll support, but I wish you would send me to the website that I wanted to go to when I typed in his name instead of stealing viewers who want to hear what Edwards has to say and make up their own minds.

John Rawls said...

Since when does making yourself rich make you an expert on bringing people out of poverty? This is a totally silly argument. All sorts of horrible people get very rich. Dick Cheney, for one, comes to mind.

Also, I completely resent the accusation that I am "stealing" viewers from John Edwards. Mr. Edwards allowed his domain name ( to expire so I bought it on the open market.