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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reason # 5 John Edwards Does Not Understand the Internet

In a recent post, I was accused of "stealing" viewers from John Edwards. This is a good opportunity for me to explain how I got control of this website.

First of all, a domain name is a necessary part of any website. Whenever you type a web address into the browser bar, the "" is the domain name. "" was at one time the home of the campaign website for John Edwards when he ran for US Senate and President the first time. Individuals get to keep their domain names forever, as long as they pay about ten dollars per year to renew the registration. John Edwards did not renew "" so I bought it in a public auction. This is very similar the kind of auction that happens when a piece of real estate has been vacant for a specified amount of time.

Neglecting control of "" is a major blunder that represents complete ignorance of the Internet. This will go down in history as being at least as stupid as when Senator Stevens said that the Internet "is a series of tubes."


Vanessa said...

I am not sure which is more powerful: the fact that a viable presidential candidate flat out over-looked something as critical as the Internet--or the fact that public intellectuals can use the Internet as another medium through which to hold candidates accountable.

The extent to which politicians utilize the Internet and technology as tools of change and to reach out to constituents speaks to the savvy of candidates themselves.

Only in a world where the Internet is paramount can its negligence be considered a legitimate claim to poor candidacy. I argue that we live in such a world, and accordingly, candidates need to get with it, or go home.

The Colonic

Anonymous said...

How about Rudy Giuliani not owning Now that's stupid.

Clinton and Obama have fairly bland Web sites; at least Edwards talks about specifics and has the nerve to use words others don't, like GLBT rights and poverty. Whether you care about those particular issues or not, just addressing them in some detail is a bit of a watershed and shows guts. Clinton, Obama, and Biden have issues statements without depth, and never mention the no-no issues. For content, I'd say Edwards has the best Web site. And he organizes the issues sections nicely.

Anonymous said...

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